VCW Stammlack

Our managing director Bernhard Münzing will take part at the next Stammlack on Thursday September 2022 - join this online event for more. If you are interested in graphene - check our offfer of Nixene Journal

NIXENE Journal

BePaMü GMBH is proud to support NIXENE Journal as a sales agent. NIXENE Journal, not financed by advertising or sponsorship, is the one journal covering graphene and other 2D materials on a monthly basis providing an independent view on new developents of graphene and...


Our managing director is since a few years assessor for ideas, concepts and business plans. Also for the period September 2022 till June 2023 he will voluntary support start-ups with his expertise. Science4Life is a great business competition.

VCW Stammtisch Monheim

Our managing director will participate at the VCW Stammtisch Monheim as part of a business trip to North Rhine Westphalia. He hopes to see some familiar but a lot of new faces to discuss business opportunities.


Europe is on holiday mode. BePaMÜ wishes all a wonderful holiday. BePaMü will stay open during holiday season. Do not hestitate to contact us, if you have any need for sales consulting or sales support.

Pricing for service providers

Our managing director Bernhard Münzing gave an interactive workshop April 29th, 2022, developing with the participants how pricing for a service provider in the chemical industry could look like and what are important factors to define a price. BePaMÜ would like to...

Conference/Exhibition Dates


BePaMü will be at the ACHEMA 2022 on August 23 and August 24. BePaMü will focus August 24 on the Start-up event. Do not hesitate to contact us to agree on a meeting.

Additive Manufacturing Formum Berlin

Our Managing Director will particpate online to learn more about Additive Manufacturing. Do not hesitate to contact him via the online networking tool. He might have some material ideas for you.

NanoCarbon June 21st, June 22nd

We are pleased to inform that our Managing Director Bernhard Münzing will attend NanoCarbon Yearly Conference in Würzburg. He is looking forward seeing known and unknown faces. Please feel free to contact him during the conference to discuss any marketing projects...


Our managing director Bernhard Münzing will be on EUROGUSS on June 8th, 2022 to learn more how the casting industry is using additive manufacturing. He hopes to meet some people with whom he has worked with in the past.

RAPID Tech 3D 2022

Our Managing Director Bernhard Münzing will visit RAPID Tech 3D in Erfurt on Wednesday May 18th, 2022. We would like to learn more about the fascinating additive manufacturing industry. We look into technologies, applications and especially into materials....

Preisfindung für Dienstleister

Wir freuen uns, dass unser Geschäftsführer am 29.4.2022 einen Workshop zum Thema "Preisfindung für Dienstleister" bei der GDCh halten wird. Die GDCh und wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anmeldungen....