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Technology based
sales consulting

for small and medium sized
chemical companies and start-ups
Seed investments in the chemical and related industries
Logistic services to support sales consulting


Technology based consulting services for new (nano) materials and products thereof


regulatory expertise (focus REACh) with market opportunities



appropriate business and marketing startegies


appropriate international sales, sales organisations and strategic definition of marketing tools

interim management

for sales + marketing + business development

strategic support

of transfer of sales + marketing organisations into the virtual world (platform selection, internal tools, order processing etc.)

Additional Services

Coaching of start-ups

Seed investment with focus on chemicals, materials, life science, tools for the digitalisation of the mentionend industries

Logistic support and trading of chemicals to support sales consulting

Treasure Trove Of Experience

experienced economic engineer technical chemistry (Wirtschaftsingenieur Technische Chemie) with focus on new business development, starting the career in the composite business

Highlight Skills

experienced economic engineer technical chemistry (Wirtschaftsingenieur Technische Chemie) with focus on new business development, starting the career in the composite business

Marketing and sales of nano-materials (for none European company):

  • starting from scratch
  • building up a sales organisation
  • within 5 years more than 150 customer sampled
  • repeated sales to specific customers
  • initiator and chair of the relevant REACh registration consortium
  • regulary invited speaker to conferences to talk about market development
  • success stories and regulatory challenges

Found new markets for well known products – never used before in these industries – example gelatine as a green additive for the metal processing and metal forming industry

Hold ownership of stage gate process including work flow and strategic analysis

Highly experienced in dealing with Asian customers and partners (focus China, Japan)

Industry experience:

Chemicals, coatings, rubber, plastics, food, pharma, aerospace, automotive, metal processing

Coach and Jury member business competition Science4Life

Bernhard Münzing, CEO of BePaMü GmbH on LinkedIn:

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VCW Stammlack

Our managing director Bernhard Münzing will take part at the next Stammlack on Thursday September 2022 - join this online event for more. If you are interested in graphene - check our offfer of Nixene Journal

NIXENE Journal

BePaMü GMBH is proud to support NIXENE Journal as a sales agent. NIXENE Journal, not financed by advertising or sponsorship, is the one journal covering graphene and other 2D materials on a monthly basis providing an independent view on new developents of graphene and...


Our managing director is since a few years assessor for ideas, concepts and business plans. Also for the period September 2022 till June 2023 he will voluntary support start-ups with his expertise. Science4Life is a great business competition.

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