Nixene Journal – Issue February 2023

We  proudly present the latest issue of Nixene Journal. Please contact us for the February 2023 and for any subscription questions. Honoured to support Nixene Journal as an agent. Take also a look on their website:

VCW Stammlack

The VCW Stammlack starts into 2023 January 26th, 2023. It will be again a very exciting event. We will participate.

VCW Stammtisch Munich

Our managing director will participate at this event tomorrow starting 7 pm German time. It is an online event and he is keen to meet a new people as he has not participated in such an event for quite a time.

Happy New Year and a good start

BePaMü resume work again and we are exicted to start into 2023 with a lot of opportunities. More to come in our next blogs. For early planning: We will be at the ECP February 22nd/23rd in Düsseldorf looking for new start-up and possibilities to work together.

Enjoy your holiday season

We thank all partners and customers for the cooperation in 2022 and looking for new exciting tasks in 2023. More details of our offering you find on this webpage.

Nixene Journal – new edition December 2022

BePaMü Gmbh is proud to present the new issue of Nixene Journal - December 2022 with again great content and critical analysis. If you would like to suscribe do not hestitate to contact us.   Nixene Journal Volume 6 Issue 12 December 2022 (Contents)

Nanoxo appoints BePaMü as agent for Germany

Nanoxo, a Polish start-up, manufacturing and selling quatum dots based on zinc oxide and other materials, has appointed BePaMü as agent for Germany. BePaMü is proud to being part of the journey from a start-up to industrial manufacturer. Please see the exciting...

New issue Nixene Journal

The new issue of the Nixene Journal is out - great content again. Please contact usNixene Journal Volume 6 Issue 11 November 2022 (Contents) for subscription details. Nixene Journal Volume 6 Issue 11 November 2022 (Contents)  

FORMNEXT – next stop

Our managing director will at FORMNEXT Tuesday November 15th and Wednesday November 16th. If you would like to discuss what metal-graphene composites for laser-bed-fusion technologies or electrically conductive polmyer filaments can achieve, then do not hesitate to...

Conference/Exhibition Dates

7th ECP – up-date

We have already booked 6 partnering meetings at the ECP - 5 of them in person. Our managing director is open for meetings in person at the GEC in Düsseldorf Wednesday February 22nd. Please use the ECP platform to schedule a meeting.  

7th ECP

BePaMü GmbH represented by its general manager Bernhard Münzing will be on site in Düsseldorf. Use the partnering tool to agree on a meeting with him to discuss your needs and how BePaMü GmbH can help you. He is also available for online meetings.


BePaMü will be at the ACHEMA 2022 on August 23 and August 24. BePaMü will focus August 24 on the Start-up event. Do not hesitate to contact us to agree on a meeting.

Additive Manufacturing Formum Berlin

Our Managing Director will particpate online to learn more about Additive Manufacturing. Do not hesitate to contact him via the online networking tool. He might have some material ideas for you.

NanoCarbon June 21st, June 22nd

We are pleased to inform that our Managing Director Bernhard Münzing will attend NanoCarbon Yearly Conference in Würzburg. He is looking forward seeing known and unknown faces. Please feel free to contact him during the conference to discuss any marketing projects...


Our managing director Bernhard Münzing will be on EUROGUSS on June 8th, 2022 to learn more how the casting industry is using additive manufacturing. He hopes to meet some people with whom he has worked with in the past.

RAPID Tech 3D 2022

Our Managing Director Bernhard Münzing will visit RAPID Tech 3D in Erfurt on Wednesday May 18th, 2022. We would like to learn more about the fascinating additive manufacturing industry. We look into technologies, applications and especially into materials....